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"Living and working in Korea"

1. Prepare an analysis of the situation.

2. Identify and analyze the issues.

3. Develop and evaluate alternatives.

4. Make a specific recommendation for the resolution or management of the issue (s)

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Compared to other destinations around the world, South Korea has been overlooked as a destination for those looking for alternatives to life in North America. Most expatriates know about Japan, Thailand, and the Philippines-but few have made an effort to settle in South Korea.Those who choose to expatriate to South Korea can take advantage of opportunities in the following areas: business and consulting, education and training, and, of course, the Internet. And, retired professionals and retired military personnel are living quite happily here.
This is what one expatriate says:
"Pertaining to this Korea conditions thing.....Yes this is true the conditions may be tough and you have to roll with things. I have been living here for over two years now and have had my fair ...

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