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major marketing trends

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Need help in identifying the major marketing trends in the last decade? And what new marketing trends are anticipated over the next 10 years?

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Some of the most important marketing trends in the last decade:

1) Emarketing: One of the most important development in the last decade which has revolutionized the marketing function of companies is the increasing use of emarketing methods, tools and techniques alongwith traditional marketing strategies. With more and more people using the internet to seek information, make purchases and conduct transactions, emarketing and electronic marketing tools such as internet and emal have been increasingly used by companies in the last decade. Infact, the use of emarketing has gained so much importance in the last decae that it has become imperative for companies to adopt this strategy in some of the industries. Further, some companies are solely relying on these methods only to market their products and services.

2) Globalization: Advancement in technology such as ecommerce, improved and cheap communication tools, increased competition, free trade and trade agreements between nations and easy access to ...

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major marketing trends

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