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I have enclosed the core competencies, vision and mission statement for Target

Provide an outline of major components in a strategic plan for Target.

I must compile an environmental analysis. The analysis must be written so stakeholders are aware of these factors and their influence in the planning process.

The Factors:

Internal or external industry trends and economic factors
Legal and legislative issues
Internal or external technological changes
Demographic or labor trends
Social concerns, such as education, family, or sustainability factors

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This is an environmental analysis that will assist you in applying the information for your particular company. I cannot write an analysis for your chosen company because that would be considered unethical. This information should help guide you in the direction to complete your assignment successfully.

Internal and External

Environmental analysis or scanning, aid corporations in the monitoring of environmental forces and changes while internal forces consists of companies financial capability, location, human resources, company image, and production facility. Internal forces are fundamental to the corporation and can be controlled by the management. External forces have two areas such as micro and macro environment. The micro ...