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    Strategies for healthcare

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    I do not know where to begin! I have come up with some stuff, but I used fiction and I don't have enough info. So I may need to use and existing organization. I am getting confused with this homework assignment and would like some help please!

    1. you will be either studying an existing healthcare organization or creating a strategic plan for a fictional healthcare organization. For this unit's assignment you are to complete the following portions of that strategic plan:

    ?Identify and describe the healthcare organization that will serve as your focus throughout the course. Include details about the population it serves and the services it provides.

    ?Identify the expectations and needs of the healthcare customer within that population.

    ?Evaluate the organization's vision and mission statements in light of its customer service focus or lack thereof. If constructing your own healthcare organization you will need to construct the vision and mission statements and indicate how they create a framework for a customer service initiative.

    ?Identify the organization's core competencies. If creating a fictional healthcare organization you will need to indicate what the organization's core competencies are and how these competencies

    2. You are having a discussion with your co-workers about what constitutes "quality" in healthcare and why these are the essential components of quality.

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    There are two questions here 1. and 2. but I think you must be planning to answer question 1. So:

    If possible chose an existing organisation that you know or have worked in already. If you do that you will be able to find their mission statement and vision (ideas for the future) in their planning documents which should be published. The mission statement is something like:
    'to meet the needs of our community as efficiently and effectively as possible, respecting both the needs of our clients (patients whoever) and our practitioners and with regard to the wider cost to ...