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    Financial Management Strategies for Healthcare Organizations

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    The Healthcare delivery system is affected by barriers as to economic cost and access to healthcare providers.

    What financial management strategies may be implemented to ensure that economic cost is within a level that allows the healthcare provider to obtain the desired level of profit, while ensuring accessibility and availability of services to target clients?

    What support may be provided by the government to ensure quality healthcare delivery system?

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    In accounting, internal controls are designed to keep an organization's resources properly directed, monitored, and measured. A healthcare organization needs to strictly follow internal controls as they play a vital role in the prevention and detection of fraud to protect the organization's physical and intangible resources.
    Internal controls are implemented by healthcare providers to prevent the occurrence of fraud, ensure that assets are safeguarded, laws are being complied with and accuracy of the financial reports are maintained.
    Healthcare abuse happens when an individual bills his or her healthcare provider for services that have not been provided by a physician. As a result, the benefit is misused, overused and abused.
    Preventive internal controls in ...

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    The expert examines the preventive internal control strategies for healthcare organizations. How the government can support the healthcare organizations and help improve healthcare services is determined. The solution is 475 words with two non-APA references.