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    Renfrey Memorial Hospital Project Outline

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    Renfrey Memorial Hospital (RMH) is a 200 bed regional hospital located in the Midwest. It has been in existence for 32 years and was named after a prominent philanthropist in the area, Mr. Gilbert H. Renfrey, who made many financial contributions to projects in and around the community where Renfrey Memorial Hospital is located. The hospital maintains the only 24 hour emergency department in the area, as well as an "extended hours" urgent care clinic. The hospital is encountering a problem with nursing staff retention. Sixty-eight percent of the nursing staff is over the age of 45, and facing retirement. The hospital commissioned a survey that revealed many of the nursing staff find the work too physically demanding and many are feeling physically exhausted and report emotional burn out as well. Several of the survey respondents report they are stressed to the breaking point caring for aging parents in addition to working at Renfrey. In the past two years, the hospital has seen an exodus of nurses. The hospital has been forced to use temporary pool nurses from an agency. This has driven up personnel costs and also resulted in decreased rankings on patient satisfaction surveys. In addition, the nursing shortage is making it difficult to recruit replacement nurses for the staff who plans on retiring within the next couple of years. Renfrey Memorial Hospital faces significant staffing challenges ahead as it grapples with these issues and the hospital board is very concerned. They know there must be some changes made in order to prevent a major financial and human resources crisis in the future.

    The proposal needs to include:

    -Executive summary

    -Research and identify solutions implemented at five other hospitals in the US that were dealing with these same issues (benchmarking).

    -Based on your research, identify two solutions that are the most viable for Renfrey Memorial Hospital to implement within the next two years.

    -Present an analysis of the two solutions that you have selected in terms of at least 5 stakeholder groups involved (e.g. patients, hospital administration, accounting, H.R., marketing, third-party payers, etc.) Who is impacted? What change processes may be required? What fiscal impact would occur?

    -Make a recommendation with detailed justification and research support, on the single solution that you feel is best for RMH. Explain why you feel it is the best and most viable solution given the financial impact, HR issues, interpersonal dynamics of hospital personnel, cultural shift, and change management.

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    I. Executive Summary - Managing the standards of care in hospitals and healthcare organizations is unique, yet delicate undertaking the demands for adherence to government regulations and absolute professionalism. Managers of healthcare organizations are expected to demonstrate leadership flexibilities by incorporating sustainable strategies while planning and implementing pre-determined organizational objectives for achieving the best standards of care. The entire organizational design and structure impact on the effectiveness of communication and feedback processes with the open systems approach providing for more interactive and consultative approach among employees across the organizational hierarchy.

    II. Benchmark Requirements - Standards and benchmark requirements for healthcare in the United States are founded on the principles and guidelines laid out by the healthcare policy and the Joint Commission on the Accreditation of Healthcare Organizations (http://www.jointcommission.org). The research should focus on the management problems facing Renfrey Memorial Hospital with particular regards to finance, human resources management and customer service management functionalities in the organization.

    III. Problem Statement - Renfrey Memorial Hospital stands out as a very important healthcare organization in the Midwest as the only hospital in the area maintaining 24-hour ...

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