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Political Competence and Corporate Citizenship

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Define corporate citizenship. Describe a model of the organization behaviors consistent with good corporate citizenship.

Assess the level of your chosen healthcare organization's corporate citizenship ("good," "average," or poor"). What did the organization do (or not do) to achieve this level of corporate citizenship? U.S. References.

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This solution defines the concept of corporate citizenship and provides a model of the specific organizational behaviors consistent with good corporate citizenship. One U.S. healthcare organization is assessed in terms of its level of corporate citizenship (good, average, or poor), and the related strategies to achieve this level of corporate citizenship are then detailed. Supplemented with a second example of a corporate healthcare structure in U.S, along with additional information on corporate citizenship for further consideration.

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Once again, a very interesting question. I have attached my response (also presented below), as well as two relevant articles. I hope this helps and take care.


1. Define corporate citizenship

Corporate citizenship is when healthcare organizations are community focused, building coalitions with the community to address a wide range of community issues. In this model, healthcare corporate structure shape community coalitions and initiatives that go beyond addressing immediate health care needs to tackle the problems that contribute to poor health. This is a model for community action that reaches out across diverse needs to improve the health of all citizens. Corporate citizenship means providing leadership, but it also helps the community to take ownership in building coalitions that address priority issues.

Specifically, a model of corporate citizenship promotes the idea of developing strategies for promoting community health that go beyond patients' access to health care. The strategies are broad-based and flexible, relying on partnerships, shared resources and people, and the programs change, as the community's needs change. Critical to developing strategies are gathering real-time data, identifying community assets and needs, and trying to predict where future health care battles will arise (http://www.baxter.com/about_baxter/news_room/news_releases/2004/rebuild_01_22_04_mcgaw_award.html).

Although this is a good definition, as you read the articles (and your text might have a definition) you may find other indicators to include in this definition.

2. Describe a model of the organization behaviors consistent with good corporate citizenship.

Because the example is on this website, I included information on "Baxter International Inc." who employs a "Progressive Proactive Approach." It gives an excellent description of a healthcare organizational structure, including corporate governance, ethical governance and integrity, corporate ethical guidelines, etc. As the extension of Baxter International Inc., The Baxter International Foundation helps to increase access to health care in the United States and other countries. In 2003, foundation grants totaling ...

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