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Corporate Citizenship and Global Corporate Citizenship

Define corporate citizenship and global corporate citizenship.

Describe how corporate citizenship differs among various countries and regions of the world.

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In the following paper, there will be a discussion about concepts of corporate citizenship and global corporate citizenship. Also, light will be thrown on how Corporate Citizenship differs among various countries. In the following section, the concept of terms will be defined and explained.

Corporate citizenship defines roles and responsibilities of the company towards the society in which, it is operating. The term is used interchangeable with corporate social responsibility (Schonwalder-Kuntze, et al., 2008). Renowned companies like Microsoft and IBM have been making use of this term for their social actions. The term has been used, as it is believed that corporations and organizations also have some citizenship in the region and the community. It has been in existence over the years but has been able to gain importance in the 20th century. This is because there were disagreements about what is the exact meaning of the term. In the words of Matten & Crane (2005), the term has three different views, which include - limited view, equivalent view and extended view. Limited view explains corporate citizenship, as the sympathy of the corporate towards their local communities. The equivalent view explains the term to serve equal purpose like ...

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