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Cultures and Organizations: Assumption of Childhood

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Raymond Cohen, a culture theorist, states that "No amount of professional training in later life can wipe away the deep-seated assumptions of childhood." What are your thoughts on Cohen's statement? What impact might this have on conflict resolution?

Discuss uncertainty avoidance as it relates to citizenship and the government; how does it impact citizen competence?

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The solution discusses Cohen's statement that "No amount of professional training in later life can wipe away the deep-seated assumptions of childhood."

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"No amount of professional training in later life can wipe away the deep-seated assumptions of childhood". Comment

What were learned and instilled in the minds of people during their childhood form significant foundations in the way he would be dealing with life in later years. Childhood leanings and other values developed may determine how he would value hard work, patience, positive outlook in life, honesty, and concern for others in his later years.
These indicate the influence of family and how children were reared on how a person would handle himself, his work, his business, his peers, his business associates, and others in his later years in life. These do not mean however that professional training during the later years would have no influence on the person. There would still be influence but the degrees ...

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