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Gender, Culture, Age and Sexuality

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Explain the roles that gender, culture, and age have in influencing sexuality and sexual orientation.

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This solution provides an analysis of the roles that factors such as gender and culture plays in sexual orientation.

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Sexual orientation is described as reflecting the "diversity of sexual, affectional, and erotic attractions and love toward persons of the same gender, other gender, or both genders" (Garnets, 2002, o. 116). The attraction to females and males are stated to be different. An individual's sexual orientation reflects the combination of distinct patterns that differ in both degree and intensity. One of the most successful theories related to sexuality is the biological hypothesis concerning the etiology of homosexuality" (Yarhouse, 2004). He asserts that biological theories on homosexuality emerged in opposition to the claim that environmental influences play a significant role in influencing these tendencies. Thus, the biological hypothesis developed to suggest that hormonal and genetic influences attribute to the cause of homosexuality through physiological mechanisms (Faraone, Kremen, & Tsuang, 1990). Various ...

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