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Normative & Alternative Sexuality.

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Hi, I need some help with explaining the concept of normative sexuality (normative being the way sexuality should be realized). Are there acceptable alternative forms of sexual expression? What are they? Are there unacceptable forms? What are they? Is there such a thing as sexual perversion? What would you mean by that?

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Hi and thank you for using Brainmass. This is opinion-based just as it is reference based (your materials). I suggest using this outline -

1. On normative sexuality - 100 words
2. Acceptable sexual expression/unacceptable forms - 100 words
3. On Perversion - 100 words

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Normative Sexuality

Normative sexuality is also known as heterosexuality, the normative 'type' of sexual orientation whereby sexual relations are accepted to be only fitting between a man and a woman. Sexual orientation, therefore, is that enduring preference to experience sexual and affectionate relationship and physical/romantic attraction to someone from the opposite sex. When referred to as a sexual identity, the normative notion is that you are 'hetero' and therefore normal because of your choice - you are attracted to someone opposite to you in the gender binary. Religion, culture and social history/traditions establish the notion of what is 'normal' and over human experience - heterosexuality is seen as what is 'normal'. This of course makes anything that deviates from this as abnormal - homosexuality, for example. And in expressing sexuality in terms of identity - ...

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