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    Normative behavior

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    Identify a norm in our society or American culture. What is normative behavior (folkways, mores, and taboos) and how might culture influence norms? What might the reactions be of our society if you violate a norm? Would you consider this behavior to be inappropriate in all societies? Why or why not?

    Your discussion should include culture and normative behavior. Provide a brief summary of the three views most widely used by sociologists:

    * Functionalist View
    * Conflict View
    * Interactionist View

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    Normative behaviors are those people use in society that are agreed upon by society as correct. Society and culture are interactive as culture are the behaviors, ceremonies, values and beliefs of society and creates the behaviors accepted by or rejected by society. Functionalists believe that society and people perform certain tasks as their part of the system. Different layers of the strata perform different norms. While many of these norms overlap, there are some that are different. Wealth and power can affect the attitudes and behaviors. What is acceptable in one layer of the strata, may not be in others. For example, killing another person is not acceptable in any levels of society in American culture. However, weddings can be very different in different levels. What one group calls murder (i.e. abortion, genocide, assisted death), another may not see in the same way.

    Conflict is normal. However, the acceptable approaches ...

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