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    Normative approaches to ethics

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    Define, compare and contrast the three normative approaches to ethics. Give an example as to how each would be utilized in the health care arena.

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    The three types of normative ethics are:
    Virtue ethics: This approach seems to emphasize the virtues that emphasizes virtues or moral character. According to this approach we should act in ways that exhibit the virtues even if that means doing what may be generally seen as bad or bringing about undesirable consequences.
    The deontological approach to ethics concentrates on the act being performed. According to this approach certain kinds of acts are intrinsically good or bad. These acts ought to not be performed regardless of the consequences. This ethical approach places special emphasis on the relationship between duty and the morality of human actions.
    The consequentialist approach holds that individuals should always act in the way that brings about the best consequences. The ends justify the means. It would not matter what exactly the act would ...

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