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    Normative ethics theory

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    Details: As you have already learned during your tenure at MV and from exposure to business news, it is not unusual for leaders and managers to encounter ethical situations. These situations often lead to assessment of organizational standards, personal values, and societal expectations to reach the right decision. As a category leader who has encountered several ethical dilemmas and as a new member of the MV ethics committee, you are motivated to research and understand ethical approaches. This knowledge will be useful in providing guidance as you approach decision-making processes for your business unit. It can also support your actions and your contributions to the committee's activities, providing a positive impact on the organization.

    Research the normative ethics theory. What are the key elements of this theory? Do you agree or disagree with this approach and why?

    Next, apply normative ethics theory to the following situation:

    MV is considering a venture into urban locations, which is receiving much protest in one city. Local citizens believe that a superstore such as MV will negatively impact the community by putting long-standing, mom-and-pop stores out of business. MV is concerned about the communities in which it operates and often contributes to local causes. As part of its local cause efforts, MV is considering a campaign contribution to a candidate who is currently running for reelection. This candidate happens to be part of a city government team that will determine if MV can open a store within city limits.

    Respond to at least two other postings. Each comment must be at

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    The key elements of the normative ethics theory are:

    "Key elements of normative ethics include the agent or person performing the act in question, the act itself, and the consequences of the act. Three branches of normative ethics allow for the focus on each of these factors respectively: virtue ethics, deontology, and consequentialism"

    Source: http://www.associatedcontent.com/article/1659124/business_ethics_metaethics_applied.html

    Normative ethics tells us how we shoud live.
    Normative ethics does not define moral properties

    I provide the following for your information about the normative theory:

    "For any act, there are three things that might be thought to be morally interesting: first, there is the agent, the person performing the act; second, there is the act itself; third, there are the consequences of the act. There are three types of normative ethical theory--virtue, deontological, ...

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