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    Business Ethics: Kate Essex is monitoring calls as a supervi

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    See attached file for situation 2 only.

    Make sure that you use answer in question four includes a separate explanation for each of three different normative theories of business ethics.

    Explains three different normative theories of business ethics.

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    1) What should Essex do?

    Kate Essex, as supervisor, needs to stop monitoring his personal call when she realizes it is a personal call having to do with his sick child. She needs to ask James Olsen to excuse himself when he is finished with his phone call. As a supervisor, she should talk with James Olsen and ask him if he needs time off to take care of his personal situation. It is highly possible that he is just finding out that his child is sick and this child could be home or at a daycare center. He may have to leave and attend to his child. Once Kate Essex has more information on the situation, a decision can be made. This may be a rare situation for James.

    2) What, if any, ethical principles help guide decision making in this situation?

    1) The supervisor needs to identify the problem.
    2) She needs to apply any ethics policies of the company. This would be if they person needs to leave, if the company policy dictates that family issues come first, taking sick time for a sick child, or using ...

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    Explains three different normative theories of business ethics.