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    The Ethics Program of Starbucks

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    Evaluate the organization's ethics program based in the following elements:
    1) Code of ethics
    2) Training
    3) Monitoring
    4) Enforcement

    Needs to be on Starbucks.

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    //Before evaluating the various business operations of Starbucks, firstly I will give a light to the various ethical programs and their elements. To start the paper in an effective manner, you can give more information about the company and its ethical program, but I am just giving an overview about ethical programs to explain that how can you start your paper, for example: //

    Starbucks conducts its business operations in a volatile and competitive business-environment. The organization is committed to its core values and principles in order to comply with the laws of ethical conduct (Kazmi, 2002). Starbucks Standards of Business Conduct present a brief outline of the ethical and legal standards followed by the organization on a regular basis.

    //As we have talked about the ethical programs and their elements, now there is a need to discuss about the elements of the programs in a detailed manner. You should remember that each element has a different entity and importance so it should be discussed in a separate manner, for example: //

    1) Code of Ethics: Code of ethics for Starbucks is a part of the bigger strategy of industry monitoring. Starbucks is greatly concerned with the ethics of environmental and social responsibility. As it is depended on the products of agriculture, Starbucks is especially worried about the bad effects of the threat caused by global warming (Pendergrast, 1999).

    For this concern about the environment, the company has been ...

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