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Starbucks Diversity Action Paper Guide

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Can you help me to complete the attached assignment that is highlighted in blue? I need 400 or 500 word for section 2 & 3.
Please provide references in the APA format.

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Dear Student,
Hello. I have written a 'sister solution' discussing Starbucks' Diversity Action Plan and they are available via the solution library. It might add more material and advice in relation to your problem. What you need is pretty itemized and standard so I have created a solution that answers that - each section answers your questions 2 & 3 respectively. However, please remember that you can only use this solution as your basis for your eventual answer. Good luck!

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(1. Starbucks focuses on an ethical workplace in respect to diversity.)

Diversity and the Workplace: Starbucks

Corporate social responsibility is something that the giant coffee company Starbucks takes seriously. This is according to Ethisphere magazine having ranked Starbucks Coffee Company as one of the most ethical companies currently in business. To rank companies, Ethisphere magazine has put together a panel and a method of going through the business activities, goals, affirmative action and eventual effect and role of the companies in question in society from a local, domestic and global perspective. Issues of corruption, environmental and social responsibility, illegal activities, discrimination and diversity, legal issues, business model, costumer and stakeholder satisfaction all come into play. Ethisphere (2008) declares that,
"The World's Most Ethical Companies use ethical leadership as a purposeful method to drive profits. Finally, each of these companies embodies the true spirit of Ethisphere's credo: Good. Smart. Business. Profit."
While Starbucks is accused of being that global behemoth that makes it impossible for small operations to survive, Starbucks internally is seen as a company leading in affirmative action when it comes to diversity, equal opportunity and environmental concern. David Landau, ...

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The solution is a 'guide' in completing a Diversity Action Plan paper with Starbucks Coffee Company as the sample case study. The solution is attached as a word file for easy printing. The solution follows the APA format and references are provided.

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