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I need help to start preparing 450 word paper, address the following questions with a minimum of 2 sources.

1.Determine how global competition impacts Starbucks Coffee

2.Analyze the effects of government policy, social diversity, and business ethics on recommendation.

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Starbucks is affected by global competition in each of the market that it operates, be it USA or any other foreign market. Due to globalization, it has become easier for multinational corporations like Starbucks to spread its wings in multiple nations across the world, either to sell goods or services or to procure finished products and raw materials. Starbucks faces strong competition from overseas players selling their products in USA, as well as competes with local players in each of the market that it operates.

Further, global competition in coffee has major implications on the procurement of raw coffee for Starbucks. Starbucks sources coffee from numerous countries across the world. As global coffee prices are subject to constant fluctuation due to global demand and supply scenario, Starbucks is ...

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Determine how global competition impacts Starbucks Coffee

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