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    Starbucks Coffee Co. Diversity Action Plan

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    Could you please help me with this assignment. I need this by today. I am having some challenges with it. I still need to answer 2 questions and do the outline. Can you please help with the 2 questions and help with the outline? I have done 2 questions see attachment.

    Diversity Action Plan Outline -Starbucks

    1. Diversity Action Plan Outline -Starbucks

    Due to future trends in population growth, it will be more important than ever for organizations to prepare for the challenges and opportunities presented by diversity.

    a. Using at least two outside sources, the presentation should summarize trends in population growth and diversity.

    b. Include a description of the selected organization or work team. Is it a transnational corporation?
    Does (or will) the work team have contact with international vendors?
    Without this information, it will be difficult to speculate how the trends identified above will impact the selected organization or work team.

    c. The plan must address:
    ? Cultural norms of new groups with whom the organization(Starbucks) will come into contact Done-see attachments

    ? Opportunities (different approaches to productivity, problem-solving, and so forth) and challenges (including communication barriers) that diversity will present to the organization (Starbucks)

    ? How will the organization (Starbucks) prepare the workforce to maximize the benefits of diversity and minimize challenges? Done-see attachment

    ? Use at least two relevant outside sources that provide information and/or data that justify the approach of the action plan.

    Prepare an outline for the diversity action plan. This outline should include a summary of secondary sources that will be used in the final presentation.

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    Dear Student,
    As I understand it, you needed help in putting together the last elements of your paper. I have done that and also edited your paper to make it more cohesive. I hope this gets to you in time.

    OTA 105878/Xenia Jones

    Diversity Action Plan: Starbucks Coffee Company


    1) Introduction - the relevance of a diversity action plan in Starbuck's business
    2) A Brief Look at Starbucks Diversity Practices
    3) Diversity Plan through the Chain of Command
    a) Targets
    b) Measurement and evaluation
    c) Development projects geared towards diversity
    1. Outsourcing raw materials,
    2. Employment
    d) Cultural Norms of New Groups & New Opportunities
    e) Maximizing Diversified workforce & minimizing challenges
    4) Conclusion
    5) Word Count & references

    The Paper

    Starbucks and a Diversity Action Plan

    "In today's rapidly changing organizations, anything is possible. With the right personal skills and a strong foundation in research and theory, you can shape your future and the future of our society--no matter how challenging things become "(Schermerhorn, et.al, 2005).

    Demographics & cultural diversity impact team behavior. Whatever the nature of the industry is, the modern workplace according to Schermerhorn and company (2005) share this one aspect - it is changing. Globalization and a more interrelated economic situation have led to intense competition where firms must either specialize or redesign their entire operations to adapt to the changes and survive the new trends. The workplace is a secondary group, made up of smaller groups that are connected and interrelated as with an organizational hierarchy. The demographics or population characteristics of a group or in the case of the workplace, 'teams', refer to oft-used variables that include race, age, income, disabilities, mobility, educational attainment, home ownership, employment status, religion, ethnicity, etc. Cultural diversity in an organization is application of the ideology of multiculturalism where race, culture, ethnicity and the variety available in that particular society is celebrated, recognized & maintained to promote awareness, tolerance & social cohesion. It is now standard practice in corporate America to work towards creating a diverse workforce representative of the social and ethnic makeup of the population. America is a nation of immigrants and the US economic power is derived from the capacity of its populace to affect world supply and demand being the global economic leader.

    Population trends in America is at first glance all about statistics - births, deaths, immigration numbers, current population count in certain regions and areas as well as the actual diversified ethnicities that make up a populace of a city, a town or a state. If you look closer thought, population trends also can tell us the demands that could be created in a certain area as well as possible cultural and social leanings of a certain social group in terms of their consumerist attitude, and/or political ...

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    The solution provides guidance in putting together a cohesive structure and outline of a Cultural Diversity Action Plan for the firm Starbucks Coffee Company. Looking into the current structure and practice of Starbucks using varied recent and relevant references, the solution also provides important discussion points in the form of a short essay that could be utilised in the final paper/Action Plan following the outline suggested. references are provided. The solution follows the APA-format.