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    McDonalds VS Starbucks

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    Please search the following links: "Standards of Business Conduct for Starbucks" and "Standards of Business Conduct for

    7.1) Please analyze and compare and contrast the code of ethics of both Starbuck's and McDonald's

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    McDonalds and Starbucks codes of conduct both place emphasis on how important the customer is to their business. Both companies are equally concerned with how each customer is treated and how each employee treats one another. McDonalds takes pride in their operations and believes in the processes in which they established. One of their main concerns is gaining peoples trust in their policies, procedures and their companies vision. Gaining peoples trust is the number one step to any companies success (Michael & Michael, 2006). It is so important for a company to gain the trust of their customers in order to maintain customer satisfaction and to be sustainable as a business. McDonalds is a company that places great emphasis on their image and ethical behaviors is a big part of that.
    In the Starbucks code there is a statement which refers to empowering partners to make necessary decisions that could have an impact on the company's reputation. The impact the person makes on their coworkers and customers is their responsibility. All employees must agree to their core values. Reports should be made of all standards not being met. Starbucks supplies the code and handbook for each employee giving the ability to adhere to their code or report to resource officer, or managers. Starbucks also has a phone line that was established for all employees to receive assistance if they do not ...

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    I have addressed McDonalds VS Starbucks code of conduct and the ethics for each company. I have explained their differences as well as similarities.