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    Global Business - STARBUCKS

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    Describe the main line of business of the company
    Names four of the countries in which the company operates
    Explains, in detail, the implementation of the 4P's marketing mix concept by the company including:
    â?¢ competition
    â?¢ target market
    â?¢ product strategy
    â?¢ distribution strategy
    â?¢ communication strategy
    â?¢ pricing strategy

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    Starbucks international.
    Starbucks operates in Canada, Germany, Israel, Japan, Britain, Austria etc.

    Competition;Local and more known long established coffee stores such as, In switzerland, Bon Appetit coffee. In Spain, Grupo Vips, In Germany, Karstadt Qualle AG, in Israel, Delek Corporation.
    It also competes with fast food joints such as McDonalds, etc.

    Distribution strategy; blanketing a region with new stores. By doing so it could reduce the customers' rush in one store, increase ...

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