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    Starbucks Globalization and Global Strategic Planning focused

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    Starbucks, the well-known coffee chain, pursues a very aggressive international strategy as it expands globally.

    Write a paper answering the following questions about Starbucks' global expansion strategy with a focus on China, and how Starbucks' downsizing in the USA impacts their global growth strategy:

    1. What are some of the decision factors that Starbucks assesses?

    2. What strategic choices do they seem to make? Explain how downsizing in the USA impacts their global growth in China and elsewhere.
    ? State the problem(s) in the Starbucks company
    ? List and discuss the key international strategy faced by Starbucks and draw conclusions.
    ? List supporting references and cite sources

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    Globalization and Strategic Planning:

    Starbucks Corporation specializes in coffee retailing with its main operation being Latin America, the United States, Pacific Asia and Europe Middle East Africa (DATAMONITOR: Starbucks Corporation, 2011). With an aim of global expansion in China, Starbucks assesses some decision factors which will assist in the making of decisions regarding its expansion in China. One of the decision factors is the size of the market that will be available in China. This is provides a picture whether it will be worth it to expand in China depending on how large or small the market is. The second factor involves the number of firms which deals in coffee retailing in China. This will provide Starbucks with competitor information which assists it in formulating a competitive strategy immediately it begins operation. Finally, legal ...

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    Starbucks globalization and the global strategic planning focused on China are examined. The decision factors, strategic choices and downsizing in the US are determined.