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Starbucks Business Outline Assessment

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I just need help coming up with an outline to divide among myself and 2 other teammates for a simple presentation next Tuesday. The first thing we much do is the following:

Case Assignment 1- October 14
- Identify the company's apparent current mission and vision.

Our company is STARBUCKS and I just need help dividing the group work so we can write up a 5 page paper and make a presenation. Any idea our help would be greatly appreciated as I know nothing that is going on with Starbucks. Please give me a decent amount of information because I made sure to do 5 credits for just an outline.

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Outline on Starbucks Corporation

I. Identify the company's apparent current mission and vision.

1) Starbucks mission is to providing superior roasted coffee that transcends the customer experience (Starbucks.com/about-us 2014). (Try and think of the mission to facilitate the overall company's vision in providing depending high quality brewed coffee on every customer cup. The outline leading to the actual paper is to capturing the Starbucks' essence in delivering the type of notable coffee that other restaurants or shops can create as similar dining at a Parisian café).

2) Starbucks' vision is to deliver the quality experience on every cup that recreates the daily routine in brewing coffee (Again, the objective is to highlight the core values and mission of Starbucks by the genuine service to serving and brewing coffee).

II. Starbucks Product

1) Starbucks has the exceptional senior management leadership to diversify in products by coffee to sandwiches (Try and think of the primary revenue streams that set the company on ...

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The review into Starbucks Corporation in creating an outline of the company's operations.

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