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    Dear OTA,in this paper, using about 500-550 words (with in text citations and references) I want to address the following questions:

    1) Determine how global competition impacts my organization (STARBUCKS)

    2) Should the organization(Starbucks)industry continue, expand, or reduce current operations in order to maximize profits? Explain your reasoning.

    a) If your answer is to expand: Should the Starbucks industry invest in new plants, equipment, or technologies? Should the organization/industry consider a merger with another organization? Explain your reasoning and explain global competition implications.

    b) If your answer is to reduce: Should the Starbucks industry reduce production or shutdown their operations? Explain your reasoning

    Areas from last problem to re-address (Thank You)
    1.Dear OTA, in the past paper we addressed price elasticity the topic described more price discrimination. I need to address price elasticity (thank you)
    2. Also in the last paper we talked about the technology of Starbucks; I need to address the production technology, (i.e.) machinery and labor used to produce their drinks.

    Thank You for your help in my understanding the concepts above.

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    The response addresses the queries posted in 1039 words with references.
    // This paper discusses the issues related to Starbucks, which is a well-known US based coffee chain. Here, we will discuss the impact of global competition on the company and the explanation of the future plans regarding expansion or reduction of the business to maximize the profits. //


    Starbucks is a coffee based company headquartered in Seattle, Washington and it deals with the retailing, roasting of the specialty coffee all around the world, providing coffee in Europe, America, Pacific and Middle East (About Starbucks, 2009). We will here, discuss how the global competition impacts Starbucks. Any company, operating in the market, is subject to consumer demands and the global forces that constantly affect it. This results in a need for companies to modify their existing strategies to gain advantage over the others and maintain their position in the dynamic business environment. We can begin with an analysis of the global marketplace and see how the trends and changes affect each and every company and not even the most well recognized global brands are unscathed due to them. The changes in the products, strategies and the operations can be studied to recognize the amendments in Starbucks.

    Global competition affecting the organization

    Competition faced by the company continually compels it to do more work and speedily, while taking care of the costs. Starting with the main business of the company that is to sell coffee; it is interesting to note that Starbucks and its subsidiaries use very high quality coffee beans that have made its coffee so special. Starbucks has made it a ...

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    The response addresses the queries posted in 1039 words with references.