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    Product Postioning & Corporate Strategy.

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    How is product positioning is aligned with McDonald's corporate strategy? Identify potential gaps in the product line or weaknesses in positioning. Describe the relevance of the EPS/EBIT chart and why it is significant with respect to strategy.

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    Product positioning is at the heart of McDonald's corporate strategy as it uses its brand positioning to ensure its supremacy within the fast food industry. The company always wants to convey its brand as the leader within the industry in everything from burgers to its newly branded coffee as it attempts to placate the meaning of anything synonymous with McDonalds' as being the leader within the fast food industry. In this context, the company attempts to ensure that this corporate and managerial strategy is used as a conceptual framework that is also used by marketers within the company to ensure that McDonald's brand's vision is shared across the organization. The company utilizes brand ...

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    490 words show how product positioning is aligned with McDonald's corporate strategy, including gaps and possible weaknesses,