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    Corporate Strategy and Business Macro-Environment

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    1. How does corporate strategy differ from business and marketing strategy? What challenges does management face in developing corporate strategy?

    2. What is the business macro-environment? Are certain components more valuable to the marketing plan than others? Explain your response.

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    1. The differences between corporate strategy and business and marketing strategy can be confusing at times, but it is best understood by looking at the overall picture of a company verses the different areas of operation the company takes part in. A corporate strategy encompasses the corporation as a whole. This strategy is concerned with managing portfolios that the corporation owns as a whole.
    Conversely, the business and marketing strategies that a corporation develops must be unique to the business and product that are being developed. As an example, Apple has many different products that must be marketed in many different ways. As a whole, the company may want to be perceived as a caring and concerned corporation that develops a vast array of products in order to move the world into a more productive future. They have products, such as the iPad, that cannot be marketed in ...

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    The expert examines corporate strategies and business macro-environments. Whether certain components are more valuable to the matketing plan than others is determined.