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    Apple's remote/macro-environment

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    I need help in doing an assignment I have to assume the role of an executive team member (i.e. CFO, CEO, COO, etc.) at your target company. The target company must be a U.S. corporation that is publicly owned and required to submit quarterly and annual reports to the Securities & Exchange Commission (SEC). (Apple is the company and I am the CEO)

    I need help on evaluate the company's remote environment

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    In reference to the PESTEL analysis on the remote macro environment for the technology company Apple, this analysis is capable of giving insight into the external factors that provide the company with opportunities while also analyzing any external threats to its current position as the a leader throughout the technology industry. According to the analysis, the company is in a market position that will afford them the ...

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    Apple's remote/macro-environment is examined. The expert evaluates the company's remote environments.