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    Give an outline to be used in completing an environmental scan and economic analysis on a selected department, group, division, function, or organization (for which you will create a strategic plan), including the remote, industry, and operating environments. The outline should give guidance on creating a paper with the following sections:

    You should identify any major changes that you expect to affect your remote, industry, or operating environments in the next 5-10 years. This will include the following sub-components:

    a. Refine the analysis of the forces and trends you notice at your firm.

    b. Utilize a macroeconomic forecast of economic indicators that will affect your chosen organization in the future and should be considered part of strategic planning.

    c. Analyze the non-economic factors in the remote environment:

    (1) Social and Cultural

    (2) Political

    (3) Technological

    (4) Demographic

    d. Complete a competitive analysis of your organization's position from a micro-economic perspective based on the pricing of the organization's primary product or service line, an assessment of its cost structure, and an assessment of the market in which the organization competes. (Note: This should be a discussion, not a spreadsheet.)

    e. Develop a summary of the organization's current situation, including its mission or business overview, its current competitive position, and the forces and trends in its industry. Based on this situation, you will identify three to six current opportunities and issues you believe should be addressed through the strategic-planning process.

    f. Identify strengths and weaknesses in the organization's operating environment that can be leveraged to capitalize on the emerging opportunities or minimize the threats that you identified in items 1-4.

    g. Create three to four strategic long-term objectives that can be measured to determine the success of the strategic plan.

    Response is approximately 1,100 pages with places for you to add particulars about the firm you are analyzing.

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    Utilize a macroeconomic forecast of economic indicators that will affect your chosen organization in the future that should be considered part of strategic planning.
    Environmental analysis or scanning, aid corporations in the monitoring of environmental forces and changes while internal forces consists of companies financial capability, location, human resources, company image, and production facility. Internal forces are fundamental to the corporation and can be controlled by the management. External forces have two areas such as micro and macro environment. The micro-environment consists of the suppliers, marketing intermediaries, customers and suppliers, while macro environment consists of the legal, political, demographic, socio-cultural, technological environment.
    Environmental analysis also assists the company to gain viable benefit which additionally helps the corporation to participate in the international market in an efficient manner. The forces trends have an effect on the marketing strategy of the business in a major way, so there is a need to perform an in-depth environmental scanning for diminishing the negative impact of these forces and trends in a successful way. Environmental analysis makes it efficient for the corporation to come up with changes occurring in its market.

    c. Analyze the non-economic factors in the remote environment:

    (1) Social and Cultural - Socio-cultural environment is another force that affects the marketing strategy of a corporation. It consists of beliefs, norms, values, attitudes, and lifestyle of individuals in a society. These forces can change the market dynamics and marketers can face both opportunities and threats from them. The taste and preferences of the customers are changing according to the trends and patterns existing in the market. The propositioned beliefs and value system of customers also affects the marketing strategy of a company in a great ...