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Environmental Scanning Methodology

If you wait until you have all of the information that you think you need in order to make a decision, the probability is that by the time you're ready to make that decision, the decision is no longer yours to make. Howard Brown, M.D.

Some scholars suggest that by doing an extensive environmental scan, one risks the conundrum of "paralysis by over analysis" or missed opportunity. Other Scholars argue that the cost of NOT doing a thorough environmental scan is too great and could lead an organization to make major decisions that are based on incomplete or inaccurate data. So, it seems as if this type of analysis does have its pros and cons.

Question: Based on your professional experiences, are environmental scans necessary? If so, how much data are really needed? Please give concrete examples.

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Based upon my own professional experiences, environmental scans are necessary in any business or strategic environment. This is largely due to the fact that there are more advantages to utilizing environmental scans than disadvantages. One of the key advantages of conducting an environmental scan before making a decision is the fact that an environmental scan can alert organizational leadership to factors that can help to prevent him from making this advantageous decision that could be financially costly to the organization. In addition, environmental scans provide organizational leadership with situational awareness, in relation to the different internal and external variables that can affect the organization in certain decisions are made. Environmental scans are also an effective methodology that will provide organizational leadership with pertinent data that can be utilize to help them to develop a pertinent mission for the organization, based upon ...

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