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Reflection on environmental scanning & strategy formulation

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I need some help with a reflection paper on environment scanning & strategy formulation and choice ...

Just need a push in the right direction ...

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Environmental scanning refers to searching the Environment for signals of change in Strategic Planning. It is broad exploration issues, needs, and program contexts through a variety of methods to determine potential program direction and organizational roles. It is the collection and evaluation of data and information from the marketing environment that can influence the organization's marketing strategies. It also refers to the process of collecting information to carry out a systematic analysis of the forces effecting the organization and identifying potential threats and opportunities with view to generating future strategies.

Scanning or browsing behavior is influenced by external factors such as environmental turbulence and resource dependency, organizational factors such as the nature of the business and the strategy pursued information factors such as the availability and quality of information, and personal factors such as the scanner's knowledge or cognitive style. Thus, many research studies on scanning investigate the effect of situational dimensions, organizational strategies, information needs, and personal traits on scanning behavior. Situational dimensions are often examined by ...

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Simulation Reflection Paper

MBA/580, I have been ask my instructor to complete an assignment that involves three simulation, 1.Thinking strategically, 2.Developing Grand Strategies, 3. Creating a Strategic Road Map. He is requesting that we write a 350 word paper for each answering the following question

a. What are lessons learned relative to the importance and effectiveness of environmental scanning, strategy formulation and choice, and the formulation of action plans and goals?
b. What concepts and analytic tools were you able to use in the development of your strategic plan (i.e., how did you apply what you learned)?
c. What do your results reveal about the challenges facing strategic planners?

After answering these questions I am to write a Simulation Reflection Paper on what all three have in common.

I have been trying to understand and these simulations for the past 4 weeks and have spent all-day the last two days trying to put it together. Do you have any knowledge of the simulation for MBA/580 that can give me some assistance?

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