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    Improving a Company's Environmental Scanning Abilities

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    Synthesize the literature into an analysis of the factors that inhibit and facilitate effective organizational scanning. Prepare an analysis and a question, which is designed to stimulate debate about the literature, and about the analysis presented by another student.

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    My proposed strategy to the executive team to improve their environmental scanning abilities are as follows:

    . Mentor and Monitor the environmental scanning process

    Wheelen and Hunger (2004), The monitoring, evaluating, and disseminating of information from external and internal environments to key people within the corporation to avoid strategic surprise and ensure the long-term health of the firm.

    . Plan for uncertainties - Structural responses to environmental uncertainly such as environmental complexity.

    Simple environments are homogeneous and concentrated, while complex environments are heterogeneous and dispersed. The tobacco industry with only a few big players is an example of a highly concentrated industry, while the packaged food industry represents an environment with high heterogeneity and dispersion. According to Robbins (1990), organizations that operate in environments characterized as ...

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    An organization must scan the environment to determine external factors that may affect its significance in the marketplace. Environmental scanning helps management determine organization's future path.