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Impact of Globalization and Internet to Corporate World

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What is the impact of globalization and the internet on the corporate world? explain the role of strategic planning in today's competitive business world in light of these two forces?

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This solution looks at the impact of globalization and the internet to the corporate world. To sum it up, globalization coupled with internet technology brought about a tremendous impact to global businesses. These two forces changed the way business is done today.

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The Web, email, and other tools of the Internet should be thoughtfully integrated into the business or organizational strategic plan. This means that the organization's internet investment should logically develop from overall strategies, and not be an island of information to itself. By developing an Internet Strategic Plan, you can rethink your existing plans, clarify common goals and objectives, and produce strategies that utilize the best of what you already have, and develop objectives and tasks which are specific, measurable, and realistic. The organization will not only create successful websites and effective Internet strategies, but also review and ...

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