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    Impact of globalization and the Internet on corporations

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    The impact of globalization and the Internet presents real challenges for corporate strategic planners across the world. What is the impact of globalization and the Internet on corporations? Why is astute strategic planning a must in today's competitive business world?

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    In the past globalization seemed to have the most impact on manufacturing and distribution for companies. Companies could outsource their production to China, India or even Latin America, and have them manufacture goods at a cheaper rate, as both labor and materials are cheaper. These products were then sold at in a retail environment.

    However, with the popularity of the internet, there is a second wave of treats. Now, individuals from across the globe could open their own stores and sell directly to clients. It is no longer a manufacturing issue.
    Let me elaborate.

    For example, wedding dresses is a huge business. In the past a bride would go to her local shop, try on ...

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    This posting examines how technology and globalization has changed the face of how corporations do business. It provides a few examples to solidify the concept.