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What is globalization and how does it impact us as human beings?

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What is globalization?
- An economic process
- A question of the production, exchange and consumption of resources

Three Characteristics to Globalization
Economic terms
- A increase in advertising internationally
- Consumption patterns

Cultural terms
- More standardization
- Everything becomes generalized

- Is how you know about globalization
- Anytime you travel, you experience positionality on a personal level

What and who is responsible for globalization?
Global media
- Cable
- Internet
- Travel
- Major events: World Cup and the Olympics
- Sportswear: Nike which is a global company
- Religion
- World Trade Organization (WTO)

Corporations are taking over:
- Burger King
o already opened schools in 14 US ...

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Reynolds and Webber, authors of "Expanding Curriculum Theory: Dis/Positions and Lines of Flight" bring a few interesting views to light when explaining their interpretation of globalization. "It is time to recognize that the true tutors of our children are not schoolteachers or university professors but filmmakers, advertising executives and pop culture purveyors. Disney does more than Duke, Speilberg outweighs Stanford, MTV trumps MIT," and I'm sure you will agree. Although relative, this brainmass excerpt doesn't focus on this book particularly, but still does a wonderful job of giving readers a crash course in globalization; it's definition, origin, and effects on societies worldwide.