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    Government Policies, the Business Environment and American Citizens

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    Government interaction has a major impact on businesses and personal lives. Identify how government policies influence our business environment and the American Citizen

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    When looking at policies that affect the business environment and the American citizen, it is imperative that one understands the business scope referred to in this case. The life of a business is influenced by its micro environment (internal factors) and its external, or macro environment. A corporate leader must be able to identify all the stakeholders in the organization's environment and industry (a stakeholder is an entity that has direct or indirect interests in the organization for their sole purpose). Stakeholders of a business are both present in the micro and macro environments. Examples of external stakeholders include customers, the surrounding community, the government and competitors. Internal stakeholders will include employees and shareholders. Once all the stakeholders are identified, the organizational leaders can analyse the stakeholders' interests and plan ...

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    This solution seeks to guide the reader in correctly identifying two government policies that bear a direct influence of all stakeholders in a business's environment, including the business itself. The reader is made to understand through the mind of an organizational leader who plans best practices for the benefit of all the stakeholders, as well as the organization's sustainability strategies.