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    Government & Business Relations in the US

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    - Describe the current relationship between government and business in the United States.
    - Describe one public policy goal of the United States for its citizens.
    - Evaluate the value of governmental regulation for American consumers.
    - State whether corporations should have political strategies or not. Justify your opinion.
    - Despite many governmental and quasi-governmental levels of consumer protection, consumers still face a wide variety of risks. What are your recommendations, on a governmental and quasi-governmental level, for reducing these risks?

    Support your position with theories, models, and references.

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    The following will help the reader to understand the positive and negative aspects affecting on the activities on Government and Business and it will also explain the implication of policies on the relation of Government and Business.

    - Describe the current relationship between government and business in the United States.

    The relationship between government and business in United States keep changing due to the social and economic conditions. The government changes the monetary and fiscal policy which affects the operations of the business. The U.S government gets its revenues from the leading enterprises; if these enterprises get into any problem the government takes effective measures to prevent them from massive losses to avoid any losses to the wealth and economy of the nation. However, the existence of private ownership is higher in comparison to the government enterprises (Porter, 2002).

    The government of the US takes the assistance of several regulations to improve the public status instead of going for public ownership. The government formulates less restricted policies for the business enterprises so that they can contribute more to the economic wealth of the country. The serious issues between the business and government are solved through a systematic process of judicial powers. The government provides transparency and openness for any changes to be made in the policies framed for the welfare of the business activities (Porter, 2002).

    Free market and socialism exist between the government and business so that they both can promote superior quality of products and services which can improve the standard of living of the public. Whenever economic downturns affect the profitability of the business enterprises, the government comes lends a hand for the help. The government helps the business in providing various kinds of resources in the form of financial, technological and human resources to carry out the operations. The government of U.S plans tax exemption rates, subsidies and a relief in corporate dividends for the welfare of the business and society (Porter, 2002).

    - Describe one public policy goal of the United States for its citizens.

    The public policy goal discussed below is protecting the public against criminal activities. The U.S government is responsible for protecting the people for their life, social order and property. We will also explain the tools from which the government is able to protect the public of country like direct services, persuasion and positive inducements.

    One of the crucial goals of the government of U.S is to protect the public from criminal activities. The security of public highly depends on the government in respect to life, property and social order. The activity done against the welfare of people and property is termed to be criminal activity and recorded in criminal index. This criminal index ...

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