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    US Immigration and Public Policy

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    Identify a current public policy issue/controversy in the news today.

    Describe and analyze the scope of the public policy concern.

    Who are the stakeholders and affected constituencies?

    What political institutions are relevant to the policy discussion about this issue?

    What are some of the proposed policies to address this issue?

    Do you think there is a solution to the problem that you favor? What factors went into your decision?

    How much does the public policy issue cost Americans? How much would it cost to address the issue? If the costs are unknown, why are they unknown?

    Is the public policy issue one faced by both the federal government and state governments?

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    Currently, the major controversy has aroused due to the failure of the US immigration policy. Due to the weakness of this policy, many people are enabled to get easy entry in the US that create security issues for the country. The main objective of this policy is to maintain global competitiveness by attracting top caliber across the countries, while controlling illegal immigration and securing U.S. borders accordingly. The main concern of this policy is to prevent the country from the entry of dangerous people. The current US immigration policy has struggled to establish and modernize a practical visa application process for addressing the millions of current unauthorized immigrants at local level, while maintaining trust among immigrant communities (Council on Foreign Relations, 2012).

    The workers and their employers, organizations that look for competitive caliber, policy makers and citizens who expect to prevent illegal border crossing, and foreigners who want to enter in the country are some main stakeholders that are mainly concerned and connected with this policy. In the community, government, business, consumers, and the individual immigrants themselves are affected with the immigrant policy of the US. The illegal ...

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    The issue of the failure of the US immigration policy is discussed, along with the various stakeholders in this issue. Policies related to this issue as well as policies to address the issue are given, followed by opinion regarding the chance of a solution to the problem, what it costs the US, and if it is both a federal and state problem. 612 words with references.