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    Policy Analysis Bias

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    Does Policy Analysis always show bias toward liberalism or conservatism? Indicate AND SUPPORT your position, as to how bias may play a role and is the cycle inevitable.

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    Policy Analysis Bias

    Analysis of public policies are supposed to be object exercises. Policy-making is an exercise and responsibility of elected and duly empowered government officials and bureaucrats for the purpose of serving the needs and protecting the security of their constituencies. The problem lies, one can suppose in the fact that policy-making itself is marred by ideological bias. Political membership alone can declare or represent a bias towards a particular ideology or philosophy Consider this - a Democrat US congressman will surely have a party-patterned and party-influenced view and take on a particular issue. For example, if Republicans are socially conservative on the issue of same-sex marriage and polygamy, Democrats are more liberal and progressive in terms of opening up to possibilities of new debates in relation to individual liberty and rights component in the issue of same-sex marriages and polygamy. This does not indicate that they are 'bad' or 'good' - what they have is a 'take' or a 'stance' towards the issue at hand. Conservatism is a social and political philosophy that is about maintaining and ...

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    The solution is an 816-word essay that discusses whether or not policy analysis tend to show bias in either liberalism or conservatism. The effect of bias in policy analysis is explored as well as the possible inevitability of bias to be exercised within the process of policy analysis. References are listed for further research. A word version of the solution is attached for easy printing.