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Federal, Local, and Shared Powers

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Pick one power from each of the categories: Federal, Local, Shared. For each power, is it in the right place? For instance, is there a federal power that should be local or shared? Is there a shared power that should be federal or local? Is there a local power that should be federal or shared?

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The expert examines federal power and whether it should be local or shared.

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Federal government, Commerce Clause:

The commerce clause in the constitution is often used to give Washington D.C. the right to control much of the American economy. For the federal government, the abuse of the commerce clause is the cause of usurpation of power rightly belonging to the states. In Wickard v Filburn (1942), the supreme court stated that there is nothing in interstate commerce that cannot be regulated by the federal government. States should be able to regulate commerce within their own borders regardless of the origin of the product. State governments in Iowa and Florida are already trying to restrict federal power in this area.

States have, constitutionally, the right to ...

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