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    Various Levels of Government

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    What are the main areas of responsibility of the federal, state, and local governments? In what ways are they similar? How are they different? Provide examples.


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    Various Levels of Government
    There are three basic levels of government that dictate rules and regulations of a free society. The levels of government from top to bottom are Federal Government, State Government, and Local Government. These levels control the diverse needs of that people need both collectively and individually. To understand government as a whole it is important to understand the levels of each governmental system, starting at the local level.
    Local Government
    Local Government is the most personal level of societal governance. The local government controls the needs of the immediate population of a municipality or county. These needs cover education, community policing, emergency services, and human services (County, 2014). These responsibilities fall on local governments, because they are close enough to the population to assess the real needs of the community. To have a higher form of government control these personal needs would spell disaster for the needs of individuals in the community that need these sustaining services on a daily basis.
    State Government
    State governments have a higher level of control than do local governments. For example, a state government is responsible for establishing the boundaries of local governments ...

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