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    Development of Federalism in the USA

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    Expalin each question with an answer (in any format, but include citations when needed) with between 125 and 250 words.

    1. Describe the development of federalism and the relationships among the various levels of government in the United States.

    2. Compare and contrast the roles of administrators in the public and private sectors.

    3. Explain how limited resources and constraints influence an administrators decision-making.

    4. Analyze a major trend in public policy issues from the last several decades.

    5. Analyze the relationship between doing well for government and doing the public good.

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    Please find the guidelines for Issues in Public Policy in the attached file.

    Running Head: PUBLIC POLICY
    Issues of Public Policy

    Development of Federalism in US
    Federalism defined as method in which all powers are divided between the central and state or regional government so that the each is free to coordinate and independent to work. The United States has been recognized as federalism as a major example of compromise form of unity. The constitutions of United States is established as an arrangement to divide all powers between national and state government (Grant, 2004). Federal structure of US government has various advantages such as it allows for diversity and experimentation in government.
    Relationship between various Levels of Government in US
    In United State the government divided into two levels such as higher or national and lower or states levels. The federal system of US government has highly complex intergovernmental system that described the relationship among the various levels of government. Higher levels of government regulate and direct the lower level. The relationship between the various levels of government in United States may be very smooth, but lower levels do not necessary accept influence of higher levels always (Denhardt & Denhardt, 2008). Intergovernmental relation is often used to explain all interdependent relation among the national and states governments. Both federal and state governments are responsible to develop and implement the public programs.
    Role of Administrator in Public and Private Sector
    The role of administrator is very important in both public and private sectors in ...

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