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Federalism and Homeland Security

I need help composing this paper, I am not sure about the theory of federalism and how it would relate to homeland security. Your assistance is appreciate.

Prepare a paper examining the significance of federalism in the United States today. Focus your paper on homeland security In your paper, describe the development of federalism and how the various levels of government relate to your chosen topic.

Please provide references for any information that is provided.

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I cannot write the paper for you, but I can give you the points that should guide you in making the paper inclusive of both federalism and homeland security. Your first point is understanding the theory of federalism. This government type is typical of nations that also have states which are self governing to a point. The United States is a perfect example since we have not only a federal government that makes laws and oversees the population, but also individual states charged with protection of its citizens and creating laws and rules to govern them. This is a somewhat joint effort. The constitution states that anything not ...

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A discussion on what federalism is and how federalism helps or hinders homeland security issues. Topic is specific to federalism in the United States.