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    Balancing Civil Liberties and Domestic Homeland Security

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    Please provide sources and information that I can extract information concerning:

    Challenges the United States faces in homeland security, with respect to terrorism and its impact on American society.

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    The impact of homeland security in the U.S. is often measured using the Homeland Security Impact Scale. The scale provides general descriptions of who and what may be affected at each level. It focuses on infrastructure and how effects of infrastructure related to various industries, groups and individuals. Prior to 9/11 the level selected might be 0, which is "no real impact on national or personal security" (Gordon, nd). In the months following 9/11 levels between 3 and 5 can apply. At level three some industries are affected financially. The airline and travel industry was most affected during this time. At level five, supply ...

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    This solution discusses balancing civil liberties and Domestic Homeland Security.