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    Homeland Security and Civil Liberties

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    Does Public policy plays a major role in the effectiveness of homeland security. If these policies impede upon too many civil liberties and securities then the public will be less likely to accept the reform?

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    OTA 105878/Xenia Jones

    Public Policy & Homeland Security

    Do public policies influence and play major roles in the effective implementation and practice of homeland security measures? The plain and simple answer is yes. Why? First one must understand what Public Policies Are. The following passage is paraphrased from an essay I wrote on the topic for the purpose of explaining what public problems and public policies are (Jones, 2009) -

    "In 1922, pioneer political scientist Charles Merriam coined the term 'public policy' in an effort to explore the link between political theory and its application in actual social reality. Public Policy addresses a lot of issues including governance, crime, welfare, education, health, medicine, military conflict as well as foreign policy. A public policy is the course of action (or inaction) and position taken by governments towards a social issues. It comes in many forms - laws, regulations, judgements and the actions that result from them. Public policies are constitutional, legislative or judicial by nature. In the US, public policy is not only the 'end' policy that is then applied but the decision making process that leads towards the creation of certain public policies. How do public policies get shaped? Basically, it is a political endeavour as various advocacies, interest groups interplay with political influence and legal and constitutional processes and positions. The resulting public policy is said to be the 'voice' of the constituents policy makers represent but in truth they also carry the influence of lobbyists and advocates ...

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