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    Balancing Civil Liberties and Domestic Security

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    I need help with finding sources and information on "Balancing civil liberties and domestic security".

    I am trying to have enough sources so I can write my findings of 5 pages or more. I would appreciate you guiding me to the right direction.

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    The Brookings Institute (2011). Balancing civil liberties and national security in the post 9/11 era: The challenge of information sharing. Retrieved from http://www.brookings.edu/events/2003/0605technology.aspx.

    This article explores how information technology may be used to increase security, without infringing on the freedoms of society. Information technology is proposed as a solution which can actually promote freedom rather than take it away from citizens of the U.S.

    Thornburg, D. (2005). Balancing civil liberties and homeland security: Does ...

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    This solution discusses balancing civil liberties and domestic security.