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    Domestic security challenges for the 21st Century

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    Evaluate specific domestic security challenges for the 21st Century that face the United States and other industrialized nations.

    Please give me the "specific security challenges."

    Please give me the "industrialized nations" and their challenges.

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    Specific security challenges for industrialized nations depend upon the definition of "security." Its use has been stretched in years to include:

    - food security: the ability of the population to secure food
    - public health: protection against epidemics, pandemics, and/or potentially destabilizing illnesses
    - climate change: more of a reach, some have argued that man-made climate change, if it exists, is an issue that could threaten a nation's infrastructure (due to changes in climate), society (due to immigration patterns), and food security.

    In reality, however, when we speak of security challenges, we're talking about the familiar issues of ...

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    This answer explores the domestic security challenges for the United States in the current century, focusing on several different non-traditional aspects of security.