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    Public Sector Human Resource Management Challenges in the 21st Centry

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    In the Klingner textbook, Chapter 3 presents Table 3.2 which provides a paradigm on the shifting roles of the public sector system. Many of these shifts have strategic HRM implications. Could you assist me , analyzing three implications from the traditional shift to the 21st Century environment and explain why you selected these three. . My response should be around 200 words. I have attached the chart

    Table 3-2 summarizes the shifts taking place in human resources management as organizations move from traditional civil service to merit systems built for the twenty-first century.

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    The first paradigm shift I have chosen to analyze for you is paradigm #3. This shift is "Traditional: Emphasis on process and rules... to 21st century: Emphasis on performance and results. Analysis: In the traditional workplace, there was considerable focus on process and rules. Consider this point; many older professionals in the workplace are very regimented in how they conduct their business. In fact, quite often they will get trapped in following the "process" and order of things, that they lose focus of what the objective truly is at the moment. Over the years, many business leaders have become keen on this factor. The idea of focusing on process and rules as the foundation for a successful organization has led to many failed business dilemmas and often prevents an organization from reaching its full potential. It is important to follow rules and processes, but some problems require leaders to "think outside the box." The individual that focuses solely on the process and rules paradigm is ...

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