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Challenges in Public Sector Human Resource Management

The case study scenario:

Find a recent article on the Internet which discusses the challenges for HRM related issues in the public sector. Discuss the issues and potential impacts if not resolved.

By June 2013, Washington state had not approved a budget. The discussions of how where to put money and what programs, along with potentially eliminating entire agencies, where highly publicized. Mass volume in layoffs and closures of operations are two major issues for any human resource management (HRM) system. This solution explains the challenges faced by those within Washington state, along with defining a potential for cascading negative impacts.

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In June 2013, as students finished school and the vacation season began, residents of Washington state faced a great amount of uncertainty with looming reduction in government services. Washington lawmakers had a June 30th deadline to pass a budget; or mass layoffs and even complete closures of entire government agencies would occur (Garber, 2013). The impacts of these actions would cause significant issues for not only the employees, but for the public as well. For example, one of the state agencies targeted for a complete shutdown was Parks. Shutting down operations would result in residents being unable to enjoy many of the amazing outdoor adventures that Washington is known for - such as Mount Rainier. Further, the state would be losing out on revenue as well since most parks have ...

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This solution is around 500 words and includes a reference related to several challenges within public sector, specific to Washington state. The issues discussed, along with potential negative impacts, include mass layoffs and closure of entire state agencies - even those that generate revenue.