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Performance Evaluation Challenges in Public Sector

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Identify four challenges facing performance evaluation in the public sector. From the four challenges, list them in rank order in terms of what you believe are the most critical for the Human Resource Management (HRM) leader in the public sector. After identifying and rank ordering these challenges, analyze the ways that the public sector can address these challenges.

This solution utilizes the following four challenges as considerations to improving performance evaluations within public sector: collective bargaining agreements, labor/management relationships, lack of education and/or improper documentation on how the performance evaluation process should be conducted, and finally the public scrutiny that is placed on public employees.

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Four challenges within a performance evaluation system for public sector organizations include: collective bargaining agreements, labor/management relationships, lack of education and/or improper documentation, along with public scrutiny.

For the Human Resource Management (HRM) leader, these challenges can present unique struggles to implementing a successful performance evaluation system. The most critical challenge for an HRM leader to overcome is lack of education on how the process works and ensuring managers/supervisors who are tasked with conducting evaluations are doing so properly, thoroughly and with proper documentation. Any new manager/supervisor should have a formal training class or "one-on-one" with an HRM employee to learn the organization's policies and procedures for performance evaluations. This should include expectations for when evaluations are conducted, what is required for ...

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This solution is over 550 words, and details four challenges to effective performance evaluation, specific to public sector employees. The challenges are listed in rank order of most critical for a Human Resource Management (HRM) leader to address and overcome, in order to ensure employee performance is evaluated in a consistent and effective manner.