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    Ethical dilemmas of teachers who go on strike

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    What ethical issues underlie teachers strikes and how can they be resolved?

    Is it ethical for teachers to strike?

    What ethical dilemmas do they face ?
    4-5 paragraphs required.

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    There are different approaches to the ethics that underscore a teacher strike and how resolution be reached. As you write the paper, I would keep some of these points in mind as you compose your thoughts.

    It is important to recognize that teachers face a profound ethical dilemma when they consider going on strike. Unlike industrial workers or private sector employees, teachers have to balance the fact that their desire to go on strike will always collide with the needs of the students who depend on them. Fundamentally, teachers who contemplate going on strike are poised between two equally desirable ethical ends: Do right by their own status as a worker or do right by their students. Teachers struggle with this ethical reality.

    One of the most important issues to be addressed is whether employees who serve a public good should be able to go on strike. Teachers, like police officers and fire fighters, serve the public interest because they educate children. When these ...

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    There are profound ethical considerations to teachers going on strike.